All Clear

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All Clear: means that the danger or threat is over. You may return to normal operations.

Who will send out the “All Clear” order?

  • UConnALERT
  • Emergency Personnel
  • University Officials

What should I do if I get the “All Clear” order?

  1. Ensure that everyone is okay and that there is no need for emergency services.
  2. Discuss the plan to make up missed work.
  3. Begin to restore normal operations.

Faculty and Staff

After an “All Clear” is received and you return to normal operations, OEM recommends that you discuss the incident with your team and identify the strengths and weaknesses of how the incident went. Develop a plan for how to better respond to the incident in the future and include it in your department Emergency Operations Plan. Call OEM at 860-486-5174 with any questions. Encourage your staff and faculty to sign up for UConnALERT.

Contact the Office of Emergency Management if you have any questions or training requests:

If you have an emergency, call 911.