Lockdown lockdown-sm

Lockdown: is a state of isolation or restricted access instituted as a security measure. You will be the safest by quickly placing a locked door or other barricade between you and the potential threat or danger.

Before a Lockdown Order

  1. Sign up for UConnALERT.
  2. Determine a location to lockdown in your building ahead of time.
  3. Keep your doors locked, even if you leave them open.
  4. Assign responsibility ahead of time:
    1. Who will close and lock the door if it is open?
    2. Who will shut off the lights?
    3. Who will close the windows/blinds?
  5. Develop a communications plan. This should include both work and personal contacts.
  6. STAFF SUPERVISORS- Develop a system to account for your employees. Train your employees on what to do if there is a lockdown order.
    1. Encourage your employees to sign up for UConnALERT.
  7. FACULTY- before you teach a class, determine where it would be safest to lockdown. Know what you should do in each particular room ahead of time. You should think about this for each of the different locations that you teach in.

During a Lockdown Order

  1. Calmly, but quickly close and lock all doors into your room.
  2. Block entry into your room, if possible.
  3. Close and lock all windows in your room. Draw the blinds where possible.
  4. Turn off the lights.
  5. Hide in an area that is out of view and makes your location look as though it is empty.
  6. Silence all electronic devices.
  7. Remain as quiet as possible and attract as little attention to your area as possible.
  8. Wait for further instruction from UConnALERT and Emergency Personnel.
  9. Stay locked-down in your hiding place until your receive an “All Clear.”
  10. Call 9-1-1 if an emergency arises in your area.
  11. FACULTY: If you are teaching a class, inform them: “Attention everyone, we are being placed under lockdown. Please remain in this room and move to (an area in the room that is out of view). I am going to shut the lights off and lock and barricade the doors. Please silence your electronic devices. Let’s make it seem as if there is no one in this room. We will remain as quiet as possible and wait for further instruction.”

If you are outside during a lockdown

  1. Quickly seek cover in the closest unlocked building.
  2. If the buildings in the immediate area have exterior doors that have been locked, continue to move away from the danger and
    1. find a place to hide out;
    2. move to another building;
    3. or get as far away from the potentially dangerous area as possible. Leave campus if it is safe to do so.
  3. Once inside, find an interior room and lock or barricade the doors. Follow the instructions above.

If you are in your car

  1. Leave campus.
  2. Follow instructions from Emergency Personnel.

What if someone tries to enter your secured area?

  • If there is ANY DOUBT about your safety inside the room or building, the area needs to remain secure. Do not let the person in. Allowing someone to enter a secure location may endanger you and others.
  • You will need to use your own good judgement.