Suspicious Package

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You know your daily routine best. If you see any abnormal object that raises your suspicion, it is always best to let Emergency Personnel know about it. The following information is presented to assist individuals in knowing what to do when encountering a situation involving a suspicious package or item.

Standard Precautionary Measures

Common Characteristics of Suspicious Packages

A suspicious object may come in the form of a package or envelope. Some common characteristics include:

  • Package or envelope with suspicious leaks, stains, or powdered substances
  • Package is rigid, bulky, or has excessive tape/string
  • Poor handwriting, misspellings, improperly addressed
  • Excessive postage, no postage, or no/strange return address
  • Ticking, vibration, abnormal sounds, strange odors
  • Generic addressee and restrictive markings
  • Unexpected and from someone unfamiliar
  • Irregular placement of package/item
  • More information: U.S. Postal Service Poster

If You Find a Suspicious Package or Item

If you experience any of these characteristics, remember to stay calm and do the following:

  1. Do not touch, move, or alter the object.
  2. Inform others and keep people away from the area.
  3. Once you have left the immediate area, call 911.
    • Provide your name, location, object location, and suspicious details.
  4. Write down any information you have about the object. You can give this to Emergency Personnel when they arrive before you forget.

If You Come In Contact With A Suspicious Package/Item

If you come in contact with a package, it is important that you provide for your own safety by thoroughly washing your hands with warm soap and water and asking another person to call 911, if possible. Make note of which sink you used.

If you are already handling a suspicious package, gently put it down in a secluded area, and step away. Then follow the steps above. Always notify emergency personnel about your possible exposure. If a hazardous material is found in the package, emergency personnel will only be able to treat you if they are made aware.


After a Suspicious Package/Item Incident

Follow instructions from Emergency Personnel and University Officials.