Find the Permits You Need

Operating Permits

New work and Renovations per the Connecticut Fire Safety Code

Operations and Materials Permit/Inspection Required
Sprinkler Systems To install/alter/modify sprinkler systems
Fire Alarm Systems To install/alter/modify fire alarm systems
Natural Gas and Propane Piping To install/alter/modify natural gas and propane piping

Operations and Materials that require a permit per Connecticut Fire Prevention Code

Operations and Materials Permit/Inspection Required
Candles, Open Flames, and Portable Cooking To use in connection with assembly areas, dining areas of restaurants or drinking establishments
Fairs – No Rides To conduct the events
Consumer Fireworks (1.4G) For the sale, on-site handling, manufacture and storage of consumer fireworks (1.4G)
Cutting and Welding For operations within a Operation jurisdiction
Exhibit and Trade Shows For operation of all exhibits and trade shows held within a jurisdiction
Flame Effects Use of flame effects before an audience
Hot Work Operations For hot work. For additional permit requirements for hot work operations, see 41.1.5
Liquid- or Gas-Fueled Vehicles To display, compete, or demonstrate liquid- or gas-fueled vehicles or equipment in assembly buildings
Membrane Structures, Tents, and Canopies — Permanent For construction, location, erection, or placement
Membrane Structures, Tents, and Canopies – Temporary To operate an air-supported temporary membrane structure or tent having an area in excess of 200 ft² or a canopy in excess of 400 ft²Exception: Temporary membrane structures, tents, or canopy structures used exclusively for camping
Parade Floats  To use a parade float for public performance, presentation, spectacle, entertainment or parade
Pyrotechnics Before a Proximate Audience For the display and use of pyrotechnic materials before a proximate audience
Special Outdoor Events, Carnivals, and Fairs For the location and operation of special outdoor events, carnivals and fairs
Tar Kettles For placement of a tar kettle, placement shall be obtained prior to the placement of a tar kettle
Torch-Applied Roofing Operation For the use of a torch for application of roofing materials

Other Items requiring a permit and/or inspection

Operations and Materials Permit/Inspection Required
Temporary Heater
Liquor Permit Fire Inspection
Tank Removal