To Protect, Serve and a Whole Lot More

Department Overview

The University of Connecticut Police Department (UCPD) is an internationally accredited law enforcement agency and fully functional police agency with the same statutory authority as any municipal police department in the State of Connecticut.

The Department is responsible for, and its primary mission is, the protection of lives and property at the University of Connecticut and all adjacent areas within the jurisdiction of the UConn Police Department. This includes the main campus in Storrs, regional campuses located throughout the state and UConn Health Center.

The UCPD currently has 86 authorized sworn police officers of all ranks, assigned to the main campus in Storrs, as well as UConn Health and regional campuses.

The UCPD derives police authority and precinct boundaries from two separate sources:

  • Connecticut General Statute 10a-156b; the jurisdiction of [the UConn Police Department] shall extend to the geographical limits of the property owned or under the control of the above institutions, and to property occupied by The University of Connecticut in the Town of Mansfield.
  • Officers of the UConn Police Department are appointed special constables within the Town of Mansfield.