Police For Special Events? Call us.

Hiring Police Officers for Events

In the event you or your department needs to hire a police officer for a particular special event, please contact either of the Special Events Coordinators, Captain Matthew Zadrowksi or Captain Justin Gilbert, at least 14 days prior to your event and fill out the Hiring Police Officers Form below. They will discuss the needs assessment with the event organizer and develop a plan for the event. If you are hosting/organizing a complicated event, it is strongly encouraged that you make this contact at least 30 days from the scheduled event.

Hiring a Police Officer for a Construction Detail

If you need to hire a police officer to assist with either vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic at a construction site, please contact either of the Special Events Coordinators, Captain Matthew Zadrowski or Captain Justin Gilbert, to assist with the coordination of this assignment. If you are unable to make contact with a Special Events Coordinator in a timely matter, contact UConn Police Headquarters at 860-486-4800 and ask to speak with the shift supervisor. Requesting officers for a particular construction project should be made at least 5 business days before the scheduled date. Understanding that emergency construction needs arise, the UConn Police Department will attempt to assist as best as possible when requests are made within 5 business days.

Any questions related to hiring a police officer for a special event or construction detail, please send an email to ucpdspecialevents@uconn.edu.

Pre-Event Request Form