Achieving Security and Safety

How to Improve Safety and Security In Your Environment

Work Flow

1. The requesting department completes an online intake form requesting installation of security improvements. The form is received by the Security Unit who gathers the required information and documents existing conditions at the location.

2. The request is reviewed by a committee comprised of Police, Fire Marshal and Building Inspectors Office and Facilities representatives.  The committee can approve the request for installation or request a security assessment be completed to ensure all security recommendations are included.

3. University Safety conducts a security assessment and produces recommendations for security improvements. The assessment includes physical inspection of the location and information gathering of who accesses the location.

During an assessment there are four components that are reviewed and documented:

  1. Threat Assessment. What types of undesirable events may a location be subject to? Who might be interested in accessing the location?
  2. Severity. What outages may occur and what negative impacts could affect a location? What is the value of equipment and/or other property contained in that location?
  3. Vulnerabilities. Identify areas of weakness (ex. poor lighting, unsecured entries).
  4. Compliance. Document recommendations that should be implemented to reduce vulnerabilities and prevent threats.

4. Once the security assessment is complete, the committee accepts or rejects the recommendations; if approved, the request moves forward to Facilities for installation.

5. Facilities Operations manages installation in coordination with the requester, security vendor and University ITS.

6. University Safety tests and accepts and insures compliance with its standards and operating procedures.

Request Forms:

Intake Form

Application to View University Camera Images