Protecting You by Following Up

Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau consists of plainclothes detectives tasked with conducting a broad range of investigative assignments.

The bureau is required to assume responsibility for:

  • All felonies where a complex follow-up investigation is required and necessary
  • Any misdemeanors where a follow-up investigation is deemed necessary by the Detective Bureau supervisor
  • Any other matter determined by the Deputy Chief or Chief of Police to be appropriate

The following category of crimes may be investigated by the UConn Police Detectives:

  • Arson
  • Bias and hate crimes
  • Burglary and larceny
  • Financial crimes
  • Murder
  • Robbery
  • Sexual assault
  • Stolen motor vehicles

The Detective Bureau cooperates with other city, state, and federal agencies in investigating incidents, utilizing task forces or other cooperative means.

Other Important Functions

  • Staffing of the Property and Evidence Unit. Click here to learn more.
  • Serving on Threat Assessment Teams with other departments of the University to prevent acts of violence or self-harm within our community.
  • Computer and digital forensic investigations. Investigating and monitoring crimes committed online and through electronic means.
  • Gathering intelligence regarding national, state, and local threats.
  • Processing crime scenes and evidence.