Emergency Reports

Filing a Crime Report

Call 911 or, if on campus, utilize a nearby Blue Phone for a direct line to the UConn Police Department.

If you were a victim of a crime, witnessed a crime or are aware of a crime that occurred but is no longer in progress, we encourage you to contact the police and tell them you would like to file a police report.

Best ways to make your non-emergency report

  1. Call UConn Police at 860.486.4800
    This line is the non-emergency number, but is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    You may also dial this number if you have a general question or concern.
  2. Visit the Police Department
    During business hours, an investigator can help you create a detailed report with the most accurate information possible to help us conduct a thorough investigation. Information which may seem irrelevant might actually be critical from a law enforcement standpoint.
  3. Use Crime Alerts
    If you would like to report anonymously, you can submit a brief description of a crime using the Crime Alerts email at: CrimeAlerts@uconn.edu

Where should I file my report?

A police report should be filed in the city, town, or jurisdiction where the crime occurred.  If the crime occurred on campus or on University owned property, report it to us. We will handle the report, all investigations and follow-up.  If the crime occurred off campus, it should be reported to the local jurisdiction.